The Liquid Crystals

The Liquid Crystals

What are The Liquid Crystals?

The Liquid Crystals are a vibrational therapy based on the natural minerals of Earth. They awaken and support harmony, health and balance on all levels of life.

Why Liquid Crystals?
Over the years, stones and crystals which are all minerals, have had many healing properties assigned to them. This coupled with their unique geometric structure and colour, provides an immensely beneficial energy. These benefits are obtained by imprinting a mineral’s unique vibrational healing signature into water and holding it there with its own natural geometries. This gives it life as a liquid, that can safely be taken into your body to effect healing.

How do The Liquid Crystals work?
As humans, we’re made up of minerals and the energetic geometric structures they contain. We simply integrate the Liquid Crystal’s geometric structure and this exchange effects our energy and physical bodies, creating an outward expression of healing.

A Global Vibrational Therapy   In the creation of TLC, minerals of each type are sourced from every deposit worldwide and then united, often thousands of pieces are combined into one wholistic form. TLC is the world’s first global vibrational therapy and truly holistic modality.

TLC is Safe for Everyone   The Liquid Crystals are organic, natural and holistic. As a vibrational therapy, TLC will not interfere in the action of any other medication or treatment and is perfect for the whole family. Some of the best results I’ve seen from the crystals have been in children, who respond very rapidly. There are no side effects and TLC can be safely given to animals and plants with great confidence.

Want to learn more?
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What is the difference between The Liquid Crystals and other crystal remedies?
The Liquid Crystals are different to any Crystal remedies, Essences or Elixirs on earth at this time, for many reasons, below are some of them.













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