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Deva Name – Illuminel

Simple Purpose – Physical Radiance

Mental / Emotional Aspects

Possible Negative Condition(s)-

Fiery mental and emotional outbursts without control or ability to reason. Negative and lowered vitality. Fire attitudes no willpower and lowered belief in personal radiance and worth. Unimaginative.

Possible Positive Outcome(s)-

Fire attitudes are recognized and utilized to enhance radiance and true expression with vitality and joy for life. Powerful will and trust of self. Imaginative. Life progresses positively and powerfully.

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Spiritual and Other Aspects – The energy of Sulphur is one of understanding and wisdom, it carries calm into fire attitudes through its experience in that element but can motivate activate and empower where needed. Sulphur places the vitality and power of the fire element into the body allowing one to become physically radiant a shining light within the perception of self. It activates the willpower and guides in the appropriate use of that energy without ego. Increases creativity and imagination. Sulphur is an Important part of the shamanic traditions of earth and is a link stone to earths Fire elementals.

Possible Physical – Skin Conditions. All conditions of heat such as Inflammation infections and fevers. Weak metabolism. Arthritis. Gout Calcification, hardening of arteries and kidney and gall stones. Lymphatic System conditions. Painful and swollen joints. Slow wound healing.

Animal Totem – Lion

Essential Oil – Citronella

Message from Illuminel

Born from the released fire of earth I am a master in the realm of explosive eruption and the fiery nature. I soften the edges of such expressions and situations taming the roaring flames that only manifest pain. Sit with me and let us nurture your fire to a warm glow by which others including you can seek comfort without the fear of being burned. Harbouring the power of the yellow ray, I activate your true will and creativity so you may embrace your potential and see perfection in all that you do, melting away all that blocks you.

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