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Deva Name – Rama-hol-m-el

Simple Purpose – Inner Child

Mental / Emotional Aspects

Possible Negative Condition(s)-

Lack of purpose in life loss of adventurous spirit desire to grow laugh and do new things. Disconnected and emotionally blocked. Lost chosen path has been forgotten. Hurt Angry and Depressed. Disordered mentally and negative.

Possible Positive Outcome(s)-

Embrace of the inner child re-birthing the adventurous spirit ability to laugh and choose new paths in life. Happy Peaceful and on life Path. Mentally ordered and stress free due to swift fearless actions. Life becomes a spiritual experience.

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Spiritual and Other Aspects – The key principle that Sugilite holds is the anchoring of the spiritual mind into the physical allowing the realization of ones divine purpose. This stone often is a stepping stone to the active memory of why we came to earth. By aligning to this stones energies star children adjust to physicality and the innerchild is not lost with age retaining a playfulness as an adult. Sugilite aids the reaching of complete cures in all disharmonies by the infusion of the spirits wisdom into the body so lessons are learnt. Opens communication pathways to past spiritual masters of earth. Has a drawing and calming action in its energy that is useful with pain management and advanced states of healing.

Possible Physical – Headaches. Pain. Inflammation. Stress. Pineal Adrenal and/or Pituitary gland malfunction. Left/Right brain imbalance.(Epilepsy coordination problems Autism Dyslexia).

Animal Totem – Seal

Essential Oil – Everlasting

Message from Rama-hol-m-el

Let my hand take yours together we will walk the journey of life as a child we will laugh and play free from the hard illusions of physicality. I embody the essence of the spiritual mind delivering it to physicality through stimulated intuition and an open heart. My purple ray can connect you to the great past masters of our world and helps one embrace the teachings of the starry ones that are here to assist in earth’s evolution. Do not despair at the state of your world the help is here and I will awaken them one by one the children of Light.

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