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Deva Name – Se-omel

Simple Purpose – New Vision

Mental / Emotional Aspects

Possible Negative Condition(s)-

Ability to move from emotional to rational and find logical conclusions is reduced or lacking. Confused emotionally stressed and lost. Unable to put feelings into words. Life is complex with many foci. Attachment to old ways with a Lack of goals in life.

Possible Positive Outcome(s)-

Freedom of movement from emotional to rational leading to freedom from attachment and ownership of the sub-conscious. Truthful expression and able to speak of emotions. Focused new mental patterns create life changes and goals. Becomes Spiritual.

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Spiritual and Other Aspects – Sodalite opens the third eye and allows the intuitive wisdom and spiritual mind to blend with the conscious. It opens one to the reality of spirit and the understanding of the self as an important part of the infinite oneness of the universe which allows the activation of pure Knowing. Calms panic attacks that are due to division of self and the resulting stress. Frees one from addictions control issues and addictive behavior. Creates a new more spiritualized vision for life.

Possible Physical – Lymphatic anomalies and/or lymph swelling. Digestive disorders. Insomnia. Calcium deficiency. Diabetes. Addiction. Panic attacks. Throat troubles.

Animal Totem – Lizard

Essential Oil – Parsley Seed

Message from Se-omel

Closing your eyes at night let the stars of the inner world drift by you this is my gift opening intuition and vision. I open the embrace and unlimited realization of spirit eternal to the level of complete Knowing. Calmly step into conscious thinking open the mind to the endless expressions of energy around you now let my light slow them distilling them down to a single movement through this you will Know and rejoice in my frequency for all is spirit and is as endless as the night sky.

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