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Shaman / Shamaness. Aligns one with earth and her creatures. Animal Communication.



Crystals :

1) Sunstone – Male solar energies, Doorway to ancient wisdom’s, Decreases and indicates Fear.

2) Moonstone – Female Lunar Energies, Pathway of the goddess, Embracing life cycles, Emotional Control, Gatekeeper of the subconscious.

3) Apatite – Devic Communication, Kundalini Energy Facilitator, True Physical Body Control.

4) Apophyllite – Astral Travel, Crown Chakra opener, Memory of experiences, Journey work.

5) Selenite – Earth alignment and access to her memory, Soul communication, Alignment to Guidance in spirit (Animal and humanoid).

6) Turquoise – Planetary Communication and healing, Service, Communication and Connection to the Mineral, Plant and Animal Kingdoms.

7) Lodestone – Earth Pulse, Deep Grounding, Male/Female Balance, Middle road.

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