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Deva Name – NUN-el

Simple Purpose – Spiritual Truth

Mental / Emotional Aspects

Possible Negative Condition(s)-

Mental chatter and lack of peace make wisdom and personal truths hard to locate. Depression and confusion. Poor communication skills. Unable to find beauty in self. Cut off from spirit.

Possible Positive Outcome(s)-

The mind is calmed and moved into peace infusing a feeling of freedom that is uplifting and joyful. Wisdom life purpose and spiritual truths become known. Excellence in communication.

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Spiritual and Other Aspects – Enhances psychic abilities especially the intuition. Aids in the conversion of Knowledge to Wisdom through the egoless anchoring of truth direct from spirit. Sapphire carries one of the most calming and peaceful energies available in the mineral kingdom enabling one to feel Free. Powerful stone of Channeling. Sapphire has a strong memory that can hold information from times past on earth. Through work with this stone awareness of ones life purpose may present itself in such a way that a path to achieving it is made clear. It a powerful Anti-depressive.

Possible Physical – Any Eye Problems. Elasticity and overall strength of the veins. Overactive body systems. Colic. Rheumatism. Mental illnesses. Digestive imbalance.

Animal Totem – Elephant

Essential Oil – Chamomile (German)

Message from NUN-el

The sun is dancing on the ocean and my presence is descending from the blue sky above, soon you will feel my open arms hold you and all that you see will be gone, replaced by the essence of your own solar angelic presence. Listen to the angel speak as it is the unencumbered you in all your glory. Trust in my blue ray I deliver only truth peace and calm it is the total of my world I know no different. I am the white dove in the evening sky come dance with me deepen the faith in your spirit.

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