Rose Quartz

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Deva Name – Ka-kini-el

Simple Purpose – Forgiveness

Mental / Emotional Aspects

Possible Negative Condition(s)-

Lowered ability to find inner peace love and forgive the Self. Anger and stress associated with father. Life goes too fast and is Joyless due to poor experience of love. Stored anger Guilt and Jealousy.

Possible Positive Outcome(s)-

Self Forgiveness and the forgiveness of others allows inner peace and freedom from the past. Life slows and joy is found. Love for self is born. Stress tension and stored emotion melt to peace.

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Spiritual and Other Aspects – This is the key stone for forgiveness and the development of self love it reprograms the heart to love itself and find the joys in life. Through Rose Quartz we can learn to see the infinite nature of love within us and understand that all can be healed. Instills an deeper respect for the artistic avenues of creation such as music and books. Rose Quartz may be used to balance the love aspect of the Three fold Flame via its effect on the higher Chakras. Rejuvenates the body and promotes a purification at the cellular level.

Possible Physical – Dizziness. Skin wrinkles and imperfections. Improper Heart function. Lungs. Male infertility. Leukemia. Migraine. Parkinsons disease. Alzheimer’s.

Animal Totem – Dog

Essential Oil – Palmarosa

Message from Ka-kini-el

Slow now little ones my soft glow will find you and open your heart to self. With me you will only rejoice in life but first let us sit and breathe forgiveness to self and others. Take time now to recognize the endless source of love that exists in you for through this all can be healed. Let love be your creative avenue joy freedom and peace will be within and all around you let us surface them as they are the basis of a Life forgotten.

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