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Deva Name – Mer-q-el

Simple Purpose – Purity

Mental / Emotional Aspects

Possible Negative Condition(s)-

Not embracing emotions leads to impurity fear turmoil and unrest. Distrust in the cyclic processes of life. Disruptive and antisocial. Emotional stress held in the digestive. Lack Peace and the feminine.

Possible Positive Outcome(s)-

By embrace of emotions and the often difficult path they create, joy Beauty and Purity are found. Restores peace and balance. Opens trust in life?s cyclic processes. Mothering. Integrity. Grace.

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Spiritual and Other Aspects – No other is able to send forth the absolute purity of the Pearl. With ease and understanding pearl replaces irritation and pain with balance peace and trust in the cyclic nature of all processes. Aids in infusing commitment in relationships rather than attachment. Opens the pathways of higher communication via channeling. Used in Ancient Chinese medicine for Skin disorders and as a Love Potion. In ancient Atlantis pearl was utilized to embrace the more feminine high spiritual aspects of self via the ocean without the heaviness of the physical. Pearl is a link stone to the Whales and Dolphins of earth and the galactic identity Sirius.

Possible Physical – Fertility. Childbirth. Digestive problems. Infection. Cancers and malignant conditions. Balances hormones in women bringing the cycle into alignment with the Moons Phases.

Animal Totem – White Cockatoo

Essential Oil – Aniseed

Message from Mer-q-el

Walk the path of the moon shinning upon the ocean resting in a silver throne you will find my Purity. Let my silver sheen envelope you as you stand on the shores of your emotions. Step forward into the waves of my existence and let them run their course. Your emotional self and my loving embrace stand as Joy and Unconditional Love in effect towards emotional freedom and Purity forever.

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