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Deva Name – Ony-chel

Simple Purpose – Grounded Self Awareness

Mental / Emotional Aspects

Possible Negative Condition(s)-

Downward spiral where Lack of self awareness in decision making and creation pathways allows further loss of self. Un-centered and lacking balance. Feel unsupported in life. Highly stressed. Alone Fearful and worried. May need to Grieve.

Possible Positive Outcome(s)-

Awareness of whom and why we are allows embrace of the world we have created around us. Wisdom based decision making lets life become our true creation. Solid support of self in life processes allows flow and non-attachment. Perseverance.

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Spiritual and Other Aspects – The best stone in times of stress. Grounding stone that allows us to only absorb that which we need simplifying life. Useful for those that need true awareness of the physical before the doors of further spiritual growth can open. Helps one develop a spiritual strength that is housed at the physical. Assists in the grieving process. Balances the Male and Female energies and allows control of sexuality banishing ego and calming lust leading to mastery via Tantric Processes.

Possible Physical – Weight problems. Smoking. Neurological disorders. Foot pain and ailments from walking. Bone marrow function.

Animal Totem – Ram

Essential Oil – Clove

Message from Ony-chel

Enter my calm self-awareness through this anchor to earth the body physical. My touch of support is lifting you stimulating the pathways of the intuitive activating your real voice and sound your Cosmic Signature. Hold you I do as you flow with the rivers of life detach from all that seems complex stressful or lacking in harmony. Let it run its course for without the attachment of the conscious illlusioned self all is of heaven. Step through the gates of your future for you and only you hold the key to your creation.

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