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Deva Name – Taramael

Simple Purpose – True Self Reflection

Mental / Emotional Aspects

Possible Negative Condition(s)-

Lack of knowledge concerning the self and own creative pathways. Dishonest with self and in illusion. Vision of the self is filled with ego or fear of reality. Unloving to self. Unaware on a need for change.

Possible Positive Outcome(s)-

Vision of the true self opening the pathway for needed positive change. Honesty with self which leads to true self love and satisfaction without ego. Nurture the self. Take change on with action.

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Spiritual and Other Aspects – Dispels negativity via a shielding effect at the emotional and even physical. Has long been used in shamanic ceremonies to transmute energies. Obsidian can allow the surfacing and transmutation of hidden disease into light. A stone of the void that aids journey deep within to the silence between polarities where powerful visions of available paths give insight into future events. Activates the earth star chakra. Work with this stone is often a rough road but eventually it leads to a potent self aware state that is loving content and at peace.

Possible Physical – Immunity system weakness. Viral and bacterial inflammations. Digestive troubles. Muscle weakness. Painful arthritis. Shock.

Animal Totem – Jackal

Essential Oil – Benzoin

Message from Taramael

Enter me I am the pathway through the shadow self I allow polarities to be known and carry the freedom found in dedication to self as spirit eternal. Step with me by your side to the self perceived darkest corridors and by the light of my being the reflection of truth will be obvious. Beware I am direct in my action dare you walk my path embrace self and transmute all by my earthy flame of truth to love. If so you will see me in reality nurturing and eternally loyal to divine purpose.

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