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Deva Name – Lunlael

Simple Purpose – Mother Goddess

Mental / Emotional Aspects

Possible Negative Condition(s)-

Living life in an emotional state repressing and fearing true feeling. Ignorant of life’s cycles the arising and falling away of things brings pain and so attachment is made. Excessively masculine. Laugh when need to Cry blocking expression.

Possible Positive Outcome(s)-

Soothed and healed emotions allow freedom from living life in a constant emotional state. Embrace the cyclic feminine. Able to surrender and be happy without attachment. Take control of the emotions. Cry and release as needed.

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Spiritual and Other Aspects – Moonstone is one of the ruling Stones to the Female path of Ascension and one of the most feminine of the earths minerals powerfully aligning with the goddess where ever it goes. Moonstone balances soothes and heals bringing emotions under the souls control. Protects during travel. The Female counterpart to Garnet as an aspect in Creation facilitating taking control of the Emotional Aspect.

 Possible Physical – Digestive Upsets. Facilitates Childbirth Lactation Pregnancy and fertility. Hormonal imbalance. PMS. Insect bites and there allergic reactions. Rejuvenating to the Eyes Skin and Hair. Insomnia. Sleep walking.

Animal Totem – Turtle

Essential Oil – May Chang

Message from Lunlael

In the deepest darkest forest of your emotional being I am the light in the clearing. I hold the key to completion on the feminine path of ascension. Together let us carry the light of your soul into the emotional body leaving harmony and balance where once was turmoil and pain. The goddess exists in all that I touch inducing the love of feeling where once stood Fear. Open to the joy of emotion I will teach you the language of the feminine spirit. Join with me together we will walk by the light of the Moon through the clouds of your completion into Oneness reaching up we will touch the Sun.

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