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Deva Name – Elomra

Simple Purpose – Starchild

Mental / Emotional Aspects

Possible Negative Condition(s)-

Inability to hold expanded consciousness in the physical mental leading to imbalance and malfunction. Unwilling to live or accept earth life. Bored. Seek alternative realities. Ungrounded and the Physical world disgusts. Go within and stay there. Separation and self isolation. Believe above or different to others.

Possible Positive Outcome(s)-

Mentally become accustomed to physical earth life the self adjusts and a passion to create a better world emerges from within. Embrace and discover oneness and the joys of freewill. Take brave new paths. Masculine and Feminine energies are balanced. Reunited with drive and spirit. Embrace physical concepts and limitations.

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Spiritual and Other Aspects – Assists Starchildren to adjust to the physical worlds limitations. It is a tool of Diagnosis that also brings awareness to the cause of all diseases then lends support in the healing and release process. Communication stone between the people of earth and intergalactic races. Other world active complement to Labradorite in the activation of the star children. Channelling and telepathy activator. Can initiate travel outside the bounds of time into other lives. Helps makes life spiritual.

 Possible Physical – Autism Epilepsy Brain Imbalances and Malfunctions. Reduces Fevers.

Animal Totem – Whale Shark

Essential Oil – Yarrow

Message from Elomra

Children of the Stars hear my call I have come with love from the home land in this the necessary light transition of Planet Earth and the Human race. Step into my green robe let my embrace be the doorway to the place of your true origin and birth. Let tears fall no more in longing to return as separation is an Illusion to which I will bring light. Draw from my glow the pathways of activation that you have come to complete. Let your gifts be free to manifest in this Earth cycle to which you are tied. At the completion I will be there to carry you home to the glory of the Stars.

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