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Deva Name – Malochel

Simple Purpose – Clearing

Mental / Emotional Aspects

Possible Negative Condition(s)-

Lowered drive with lack of awareness as to that which blocks growth. Fears Guilt and anxiety. Frustration. Attachment to old ways. Repressed courage emotions and thoughts. Self limitation.

Possible Positive Outcome(s)-

Awareness of the pathway of healing or growth with courage and determination to seek freedom. Freedom due to real healing action. Limitless not bound to guilt and fear as defining principles.

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Spiritual and Other Aspects – Draws out Radiation. Absorbs energy from painful diseased or inflamed areas surfacing the seeds for true cure. Aids vision at the third eye. Malachite restores complete breathing in asthmatics and respiratory illness releasing and balancing the area of the solar plexus loosening tension at the diaphragm.

 Possible Physical – Vertigo. Asthma. Arthritis. Swollen Joints. Broken Bones. Tumors and Growths. Torn Muscles. Immune Function. Insomnia. Lactation. Leukemia. Heart Pain. Cancers. Colic. Teething children. Infertility. Gastric Ulceration. Mental illnesses including Autism and Dyslexia. Epilepsy.

Animal Totem – Rhinoceros

Essential Oil – Lemon

Message from Malochel

Raise your arms to the stars golden angel of the sun let me aid you on your Journey. Release the weight of the physical world and join me in the freedom of the fearless state for love is all that is. My vibration is one of earthly love to which the basis of fear gravitates then melts away. Let me bless you with the courage and strength to face your limitations and fears entering into understanding you will see your role in their creation and be free to fly again. All that is of Fear stems from the un-mastered Mind at play in the fields of Illusion.

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