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Deva Name – Ida-rael

Simple Purpose – Earth Embrace

Mental / Emotional Aspects

Possible Negative Condition(s)-

Confusion of Masculine and feminine aspects of self in life. General lack of grounding and alignment on all levels of self. Lowered life force. Dizziness and lack of drive. Loss of path and earth connection.

Possible Positive Outcome(s)-

Conscious view of masculine and feminine aspects of self allowing a solid grounded approach at life paths. Wisdom of polarization to manifest will. New concepts are revealed. Energized and stabilized.

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Spiritual and Other Aspects – Aids direct communication with the earth. Acts a spiritual motivator when all comes to a standstill giving a gentle push and drawing that which is needed for growth. Attracts the healing energies that are necessary for recovery. Lodestone enhances the finding resting within and walking of the ‘middle road’ which leads to healing manifestation and growth spiritually via time spent in the void space. Can be used to remove disease via Psychic Surgery then activate the pathway to make the healing permanent. Helps Meditation.

Possible Physical – Nose Bleeds. Tumors. Under-active Endocrine system. Head Aches vertigo and Insomnia. Pain Management especially neck shoulder and back.

Animal Totem – Worm

Essential Oil – Patchouli

Message from Ida-rael

Close your eyes glorious one, align to me now breathe till your breath and mine are one. Sink into the earth let the Pulse run through you this is one of my many roles. I polarize you to your earth and all she represents. I am a conductor of her energies her will and mine are one. Together we work to lift you to the ascended state that is your birthright. We will remove the walls on your spiritual path allowing confidence in the cycle of you. From birth to death and back I will aid you in the absolute commitment to the spiritual self and its movement. Feel my stabilizing touch enter the earth take my hand accept mastery and then fly to the heavens of you own creation.

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