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Deva Name – Isisomel

Simple Purpose – Service

Mental / Emotional Aspects

Possible Negative Condition(s)-

Mind and Emotions lack the cool soothing energies of the heart. Fire based emotional and mental extremes such as anger hurt fear pain and impatience. Blocked creativity and imagination. Teary the inner child has forgotten how to play and laugh.

Possible Positive Outcome(s)-

Harmonious blending of heart and mind cooling the fiery areas into peace and calm removing old patterns for a holistic view of self. Fearless flow through life via re-connection to the earth and the cyclic goddess energies. Laughter playfulness and imagination. Feeling of freedom in the physical world.

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Spiritual and Other Aspects – Cools and calms Anger and any fire conditions. Clears the meridians of the body. Removes the feeling of being trapped in the physical. Can be worked with to attract soul mates and twin flames to each other it then helps resolve issues between them allowing rapid growth spiritually.

Possible Physical – Used in Conjunction with Ledopolite for Schizophrenic disorders. Cartilage problems. Inflammation Fevers and sunburn. Throat troubles. General Pain.

Animal Totem – Beluga Whale

Essential Oil – Tuberose

Message from Isisomel

Feel my peaceful wave brushing the shore calmly I will float you along the unique path of your own service. Enter the times forgotten when man and all creation from angel to elemental walked together hand in hand this is my world now only perceived by those that desire perception. I am the teachers teacher, igniting the playing field of life with the infinite pathways of joy and expression each unique and all important. Step into me the unlimited nature of creativity growth and Knowledge will shine from you. You will be a lighthouse of purpose calm on the rocks of fear leading by example for others to behold as they pass in the darkness of uncertainty.

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