Green Tourmaline

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Deva Name – El-ba-el-m

Simple Purpose – Enlightenment

Mental / Emotional Aspects – 

Possible Negative Condition(s)-

Inability to infuse high consciousness into thought resulting in lowered self awareness and healing ability. Emotionally closed Lack peace compassion and patience. Lack of commitment to goals with attachment to outcome. May have issues with father figure.

Possible Positive Outcome(s)-

Nervous system locks high level consciousness into the mind anchoring powerful healing ability and self awareness. Open heart infuses peace compassion and patience. Sees expectations as own perceptions and is able to release them to receive.

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Spiritual and Other Aspects – This crystal mixes the powerful high light carrying ability of all the Tourmalines with the healing ability of the green Ray it is a master Healing stone. The energy of this stone is infused directly via the Nervous system where it does most of its work. At the nervous system Green Tourmaline raises our ability to carry light moving us rapidly towards Enlightenment this gives a multifaceted healing ability of higher consciousness and high light frequency. Can heal the energy bodies and open the heart chakra.

Possible Physical – Chronic fatigue and Exhaustion. Nervous system Illness. Multiple Sclerosis. Insomnia. Lowered immune function. Weight Problems. Irritable Bowel Syndrom. Spinal Misalignment. Panic attacks. Claustrophobia. Hyperactive children. Migraines.

Animal Totem – Snow Leopard

Essential Oil – Bay (Laurel)

Message from El-ba-el-m

Join me open the heart as the green ray flows through me at great velocity, let us heal and cut through all manner of disease, holding tight the lesson. My role does not end here for I have a higher calling in my mission to serve humanity. I increase the light carrying capabilities of the human nervous system leading to a higher overall light frequency and expediting the process of enlightenment. Let me lift you closer to the light and provide it a home within you, then together with compassion and peace we will serve the great plan.

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