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Deva Name – Flu-e-rel

Simple Purpose – Mental Mastery

Mental / Emotional Aspects

Possible Negative Condition(s)-

Mental disorganization and stress. Lack of commitment to ideas. Poor decision making ability. Lowered I.Q. Lack of nurture and trust in the mental ability. The World around is disorganized. Mind rejects spiritual.

Possible Positive Outcome(s)-

Organization mentally and in the surrounding world. Commitment to ideas to follow through with action. Cultivation and trust in mental ability. Mind integrates nonphysical aspects of life and Spirit.

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Spiritual and Other Aspects – Fluorite is a multidimensional stone physically manifesting the parts of mind attuned to spirit carrying the laws of the universe into the physical arena. Balances polarities allowing one to sit in the peace of God that exists between them then that space is mentally linked into daily living helping one to stay tuned to the source while functioning on the physical plane. Indicates when one is being mentally manipulated. Protects against computer and electromagnetic stress.

Possible Physical – Bone and dental diseases. Pneumonia. Viral inflammation. Insomnia. Disturbances in brain wave frequencies. Lung cancer. Osteoporosis. Arthritis. Anti-aging Skin conditioner.

Animal Totem – Swan

Essential Oil – Rosemary

Message from Flu-e-rel

Mine is the mental plane we play together in this the frequency of creation. I will aid you into organized mastery of thought if you allow me. Link to me take my hand and I will guide your every thought. Through me only that which is in alignment with Universal Mind will be made present allowing you to take action in the Now. You will know that all that flows from you is in alignment with Divine will. Under the gentle guidance of my loving focus we will remove the voids of unfocused manifestation that surround you allowing true purpose for self and humanity to become known. May the Universal mind be welcomed Let the stars of the heavens be there when you close your eyes at night.

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