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Deva Name – Matazel

Simple Purpose – Healing Heart

Mental / Emotional Aspects

Possible Negative Condition(s)-

Failure in understanding relationship. Broken hearted. Anger resentment and self-judgment. Attachment to past or future. Loss of the healer that you are. Oversensitive.
Possible Positive Outcome(s)-

Perfection and healing in relationships and the art of the open heart. The importance of compassion non attachment and judgment. The healer may become active in self for the good of all.

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Spiritual and Other Aspects – This like no other goes deep into the Heart when all else has failed to heal. Can bring awareness to those who control the destinies of others as a mechanism of guilt or false responsibility. Desensitizes the body and mind. Can aid in the achieving of Christ Consciousness. Remembrance of Past lives.

Possible Physical – AIDS. Headaches and Migraines. Thymus. Shock and emergency situations. Detoxifying (liver). Meniere’s disease.

Animal Totem – Otter

Essential Oil – Fir Needle

Message from Matazel

The Heart is pure beyond the veil of Self Judgment together we will lift it and through your own eyes you will see the perfection that you are. I hold the pure healing intent of the Green Ray at your disposal anchored into the black of the earth. My Role is to ground the basis of Love Physical and Unconditional that they will find there home within you completing the cycle of the ages in the Now and anchoring permanently in the hearts of all the Infinite One.

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