The Desire Map Five Week Discovery

$ 199

Your Soul. Your Goals. The Desire Map.

When have you denied or ignored what your body, the universe, or your soul was trying to tell you? What was the result?

The Desire Map is for people who are ready to listen. Not to another outside voice, but to the wisest voice of all. Your inner voice. Your desires.

This is a five week rite of passage for clarifying what you truly want in every area of your life and using that soul-aligned awareness to guide your choices from now on.

Details of Your Desire Mapping

Each Saturday afternoon we’ll meet in central Mullumbimby, for you to dive in and discover your desires from five life areas. Places are limited to just ten participants to ensure individual attention and a spaciousness in your mapping journey. Beginning 30th April, for 5 weeks until 28th May.

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During Your Desire Mapping, You’ll :

  • Create sacred space – inside and out. Build an altar of shared intentions and creative wisdom.
  • Surrender old stories and burn your limiting beliefs (figuratively, and maybe literally.)
  • Explore where in your life you experience freedom – and where you hunger for more.
  • Uncover your ‘Core Desired Feelings’ – a guidance system for truly fulfilling, decision-making. A GPS for your soul.
  • Be guided to your most desired feelings in five life areas :  Lifestyle & Livelihood, Creativity & Learning, Body & Wellness, Relationships & Society, Essence & Spirituality, and identify what is working (and what’s not) in each area
  • Connect with a community of powerful, wise, like-minded souls with whom you will create lasting connections with.
  • Gain clarity of who you are, how you desire and what it is you truly want
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Your Place Within The Desire Map Program includes :

  • Sacred space especially for YOU each week. Time devoted to what really matters. Your dreams, your soul, your life.
  • The Desire Map core curriculum, this work has literally changed my life. And over 125,000 others that bought the best-selling book.
  • Ceremony & ritual practices, soul-fuelled writing, meditation, movement and art for uncovering your deepest desires.
  • Discovery of your ‘Core Desired Feelings’ – a guidance system for easy decision-making. A GPS for your soul.
  • One month of potent earth-based vibrational medicines (flower essences &/or liquid crystals) for enhanced energetic support on your path
  • A beautiful Desire Map workbook to scribe your motivations and revelations. A record to revisit your most inspired insights.
  • Delicious nourishing gourmet snacks & a selection of nurturing organic teas.
  • Real connection with a group of powerful, wise, like-minded souls to share inspiration, safely explore your truth and enrich your journey.

Both Jewelli and her Desire Map guidance were gentle, safe, supporting, and welcoming. I now know that I’ve got something deep inside that I want to experience. I just have to allow/ guide myself to the feeling of the experience. So happy I can find a gentle way to “feel” how I want to feel every day.
Jewelli’s personality and vibe was infectious, she made everyone feel nurtured, safe and loved. I had such a fun day and enjoyed the crazy dance break the most. I love being in that space with like minded souls. I highly recommend this experience, even just so people could meet Jewelli, she is one of the most beautiful-est beings I’ve met. Thank you.
The Desire Map resonated with where I am at the moment. I’m moving towards a deepening in my life and it’s ‘usefulness’ to myself and others. I really appreciated being guided through the workshop by Jewelli’s gracious and delightful manner. I got a tangible benefit straight away by navigating from my core desired feeling of BOLD that I identified in the workshop.
Excellent!! Jewelli is a lovely treasure of positive energy with a true enthusiasm and very good ability to infuse us with that. Thank you!!! It has been one of my greatest pleasure doing this course. I am truly grateful for the awakenings and healings I have and continue to receive.
I had no idea when first enrolling in this course the profound effect it would have on my life. My personal healing has been deep, life-changing and such a blessing. Jewelli is such an inspiring, natural teacher. I learnt so much from her classes with her easy and informative style.
Lovely, enjoyable and inspiring! I totally enjoyed the atmosphere and delivery of the course. Lovely teacher, she easily understood and handled the class gracefully and professionally. I loved what I learnt. And I’ll be using this with my friends and family as well as clients. Thank you very much!


Details of Your Desire Mapping

Each week we’ll meet in central Mullumbimby, for you to dive in and discover your desires from five life areas. Places are limited to ensure individual attention and a spaciousness in your mapping journey.

1pm – 4pm,  Saturday 30th April 


career. money. work. home. space. style. possessions. fashion. travel. gifts. sustainability. resources.

1pm – 4pm, Saturday 7th May


healing. fitness. food. rest & relaxation. mental health. sensuality. movement.

1pm – 4pm, Saturday 14th May


artistic and self-expression. interests. education. hobbies.

1pm – 4pm, Saturday 21st May


romance. friendship. family. collaboration. community. causes.

11am – 4pm, Saturday 28th May


soul. inner self. truth. intuition. faith. practices.

Your Investment $40 each session. $199 all up. Payment plans available. Save your spot now.