Crown Chakra Trinity

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The Crown Trinity


Diamond, Lepidolite and Selenite

The 3 Liquid Crystals in this set are used to address all issues at the Crown Chakra, including its Balancing, Awakening, Opening, Alignment and higher functioning toward Ascension and the embodiment of light. This trinity may correct and activate awareness of the true purpose and life path.

Some other reasons for taking this trinity may be a disconnection from the spiritual self and being caught in the separation and judgments of the world. This trinity powerfully activates the much desired ability to “know” which could also be called the divine inspiration. It is possible physically that one may be experiencing immune disorders and weakness, nervous system troubles, cancers, pineal gland dysfunction, mental imbalance or learning difficulties. There may also be headaches or vertigo (dizziness).



Originally from the Hindu scriptures, a chakra is a major hub of light in the human bio-energy system that acts as a bridge where by our experiences in the outer physical world become lessons for the inner spirit and likewise a bridge where wisdoms of the inner world enter and guide our physicality. A chakra translates our inner and outer worlds via the mutual language of geometric light.


Traditionally the 7 major in-body chakras are found running down the midline of a person starting at the crown on the top of the head and ending at the base chakra between the legs. The chakras are all connected to each other and there body regions with progressively finer rivers of light called meridians and nadis, these travel the whole body to comprise the weblike structure of the human energy system.


Each chakra is the primary healing point for issues found in it’s local body region and the mental, emotional, spiritual shadows those issues cast into the physical world. All disharmony, imbalance or dis-ease can be found and treated at a certain chakra in the body and it is at this level usually via their natural occurrence in the blood that minerals are masters of healing.


In these advanced spiritual times many people know from which chakra region they are learning there lessons and that is a great starting point. If you are not sure, read each of the seven chakras and see what resonates. Sometimes colour can also be helpful in choosing which chakra to start working on, in this regard, the general lack or excessive presence of a colour becomes an indicator of the need for work.


A TLC Chakra Trinity contains the three most important crystals (minerals) for a particular in-body Chakra arranged in an ancient Atlantian sequence for more powerful healing, balance and growth. Taking the crystals this sacred way opens a potent response by the self and change results. Crystal one opens and initiates the process; Crystal Two heals, clears and cleanses; Crystal Three finalizes the process lifting the region and chakra to a new level to prevent reoccurrence.

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