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Deva Name – Citrel-m-ra.

Simple Purpose – Abundance

Mental / Emotional Aspects

Possible Negative Condition(s)-

Believe undeserving and unworthy of abundance. Lowered self confidence means lack of choice in life. We choose attachment and lose life’s flow. Emotion is an obstacle due to lack of mental power.

Possible Positive Outcome(s)-

Knowing that abundance part of our birthright. Self confidence to face life and choose what is desired, retaining life’s flow without attachment. Emotion is no obstacle to the self-confident mind. Increased concentration.

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Spiritual and Other Aspects – Comforting warming creative energizing and life-giving. Citrine reduces congestion at the second chakra. The presence of the gold ray allows one to create in alignment with spirit even through the lower centers of the body. Holds the ability to cleanse all the chakras. Anchors the intuition into the body. Allows us to view our use of spiritual power in any life event or situation.

Possible Physical – Poor digestion kidney and bladder infections and constipation. Tissue regeneration. Toxemia.

Animal Totem – Grasshopper

Essential Oil – Lemon Balm

Message from Citrel-m-ra

Come close child let me warm you with my golden glow breathing life into all that you are. I without judgment will aid in the creation of the path to your abundance as man and spirit. I blend the creative avenues of spirit through the lowest densest parts of matter. Money Health Love or Time what ever your currency of Joy in the moment I can aid you in its acquisition. Take my hand on a journey of minds blending from the most physical to the Divine and beyond we will arrive where we began in creation with you.

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