Bush Flower Essence Certified Weekend – Sept 10-11

$ 299

A vibrational  medicine journey through the ancient wisdom of the chakras and how the essences relate to these emotionally and spiritually. Whether you have an interest in natural healing for yourself, your family or your clients. This course has the potential to be a gentle yet profound healing experience.

9am – 6pm, Saturday & Sunday 10th & 11th September, Mullumbimby

Your Investment $299

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As a journey through the ancient wisdom of the chakras and how the Bush Essences relate to these emotionally and spiritually, this course has the potential to be a gentle yet profound healing experience on a personal level. Many people describe it as life changing.

Whether you have an interest in natural healing for yourself, your family or your clients, the Bush Essence Introductory course contains valuable information that you can use and benefit from. You don’t need to know anything about Flower Essences or natural healing, or even have an intention of using the Essences on anyone other than yourself, your family and friends. We start with the basics and our aim is that by the conclusion of the course you will be a confident and competent Bush Flower Essence practitioner.

If you have already attended any of our weekend or one day workshops, the information in this course is new, and from a different perspective. Should you be a professionally qualified practitioner, this information can be exceptionally useful in your clinical practice, enhancing your knowledge base, complementing your existing modality, and improving your client outcomes.

You will learn:

  • The history of Flower Essences
  • The healing qualities of all 69 of the individual essences in the Australian Bush Flower Essences range, as well as the readymade ABFE combinations
  • The chakra system and subtle Energy bodies along with their corresponding Bush Essences
  • How Flower Essences work
  • How thoughts and emotions affect wellbeing
  • The cutting edge science validating the ancient healing systems of Ayurvedic Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Common emotional issues and corresponding Bush Essences for each theme
  • How to prepare an individual Flower Essence for yourself and others
  • Methods of application
  • Case Histories
  • The history of, and how to interpret, the ancient art of the Doctrine of Signatures

Energy medicine is at the forefront of creating a whole new world of options and outcomes, not just for practitioners, but for everyone. The Australian Bush Flower Essence Introductory Course explores and teaches this new paradigm of health and wellbeing based on subtle energy systems, creating new opportunities for ‘healing the whole person’.

Please note: There are no prerequisites for you to attend this workshop. Depending on the number of participant questions and the flow of each workshop, as well as time constraints, all topics may not be covered.

Continuing Practitioner Education
This course accrues the following points with these nationally recognised professional practitioner bodies:

  • ANTA (Australia) 16 points
  • ATMS (Australia) 6 points
  • NCBTMB (USA) 16 CE’s

At the conclusion of the course, and upon successful completion of assessments, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from Australian Bush Flower Essences. An additional qualification of ‘Advanced Practitioner Certificate’ is available (after course completion) upon submission of case histories of suitable quality.

Excellent!! Jewelli is a lovely treasure of positive energy with a true enthusiasm for the essences and a very good ability at helping to infuse us with that and help us to understand the information we are learning. THANKYOU!!! It’s been one of my greatest pleasures doing this course. I’ve become really impassioned about the flower essences and how wonderful they are. I am truly grateful for the awakening and healings I have and continue to receive. This is a beautiful mode of healing that I would recommend (emphatically!) to everyone. Truly beautiful!
Courtney Actress & Retreat Facilitator, VIC
I had no idea when first enrolling in this course the profound effect it would have on my life. My personal healing during the course while taking flower essences has been deep, life changing and such a blessing. Sharing the journey with my friends and family and seeing the incredible changes to their lives – a gift. I can’t wait to continue learning, growing and sharing these divine healing flowers. Jewelli is such an inspiring, natural teacher. I learnt so much from her classes with her easy and informative style. She has inspired me to take my learning to a higher level so I can share the joy with others. 
Megan Passion Mapper, NSW
Jewelli has a great manner in the presentation and transmition of this information. She displays a thorough understanding of the remedies and is very helpful with advice on application of the remedies. Throughout the course, knowledge of the diverse qualities of the different flowers encouraged me to identify and reflect on many aspects of myself and adopt a fresh perspective of others in my life.
Adee Artist & Jeweller, NSW

Lovely, enjoyable and inspiring! I totally enjoyed the atmosphere and delivery of the course. Lovely teacher, she easily understood and handled the class gracefully and professionally. I’m totally into the essences. I have ordered the kit, cards and books. Will be using them with my friends and family as well as clients. Thank you very much!
Shekinah Healing/Massage/Beauty Therapist, NSW
 The Australian Bush Flower course is a great, informative course which gives you much knowledge about the bush essences and how to use them as a practitioner and with friends and family. The course was great and I feel I have gained a lot from it. 
Rebecca Flower Essence Therapist, NSW
The course provides a practical way to integrate vibrational healing into everyday life. Jewelli’s personal knowledge and experience with the flowers was inspiring.
Veronica Crystal Jeweller, NSW
Jewelli created a beautiful ambience and is very competent and inspiring. Beautiful!! I’m so happy to have found so many new friends, the flowers!! 
Karin Shiatsu Practitioner, NSW


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