Boji Stone

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Deva Name – Urantel

Simple Purpose – Balance Align and Clear

Mental / Emotional Aspects – 

Possible Negative Condition(s)-

Loss of information flow between the levels of self. Tendency to favour Thought or Emotion. Male and Female sides of self lack balance.

Possible Positive Outcome(s)-

Freedom of information flow between the levels of self. Equality between Thoughts and Emotions. Male and Female sides of self find balance.

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Spiritual and Other Aspects – Useful for veterinarians in need of animal communication skills. Allows more direct communication with the physical Body to find the answers of Disease. Powerful but gentle grounding Stone. Balances clears and Aligns all the energy bodies and Chakras removing energy blockages even in the acupuncture meridians. Allows the existence of the individual while allowing the understanding of oneness. This Stone is used as a key to enter areas of ancient wisdom.

Possible Physical – Removes pain. Tissue regeneration. Allows clear communication with the body.

Animal Totem – Pig

Essential Oil – Vetiver

Message from Urantel

Sink deep into the earth feel her loving touch caress you allow her breath and pulse to become your own as you integrate her loving peace and stability. It is the facilitation of the physical body into ascension that I represent. I hold Earths ascended frequency I balance clear cleanse and Align take my hand Accept my gift make our mutual work permanent through the only path available you your Intention to live as perfection.

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