Black Coral

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Deva Name – Ke-ma-el

Simple Purpose – Light in the Darkness

Mental / Emotional Aspects

Possible Negative Condition(s)-

Belief in Darkness. Lowered trust and placement of power outside of the self. Hidden fears are seen to be darkness. Dark. Fearful. Unforgiving.

Possible Positive Outcome(s)-

All is Love. Trusting and confident in power of self. Hidden fears surface and are seen through the lens of love. Forgiveness and peace. Light filled. Fearless.

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Spiritual and Other Aspects – Dispels fear of darkness in all senses from the most spiritual to physical. Stone of regeneration and purification. Balances the female and male self on all levels. Meridians are strengthened. Brings one into contact and facilitates communication with past spiritual masters. Accelerates the transfer of knowledge into wisdom.

Possible Physical – Skin conditions. Cancers whose cause lies on the giving away of power. Arthritic conditions. Poor Metabolism. Bone fractures. Varicose veins. Migraines

Animal Totem – Dugong

Essential Oil -Niaouli

Message from Ke-ma-el

Sink into my peace I will carry you through the blackness. Through me you will see the darkness as a shade of light, the very shade that gives rise to you as a physical body and imparts the gifts that you posses. I can allow you to become all knowing and confident in the part of you that is God. I bring trust to its presence and perfection as light for the good of all. You will come to see self preservation as a step into trust rather than a need for protection which simply fuels the fire of fear on our planet. Join with me and the past masters I have embraced, receive the pure knowing of divinity in self.

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