Balance Align and Clear

$ 20

Balances and aligns the entire chakra system and its energy bodies.


Crystals :

1) Gold – Balances and clears negativity from the chakras and bodies. Opens the Third Eye and Crown for Guidance. Removes stress and tension. Is a master healer bringing healing to all situations and levels.

2) Kyanite – Balances aligns and clears the chakras and Energy bodies. Anchors high frequency energies into the body. Stimulates the Acupuncture points clearing blocks.

3) Selenite – Higher Chakra activator. High light force into the body. Powerfully aligns to guidance in spirit. Opens and clears the Energy bodies. Remove and Protects from attack thoughts. Aids Telepathic link.

4) Bloodstone – Balances and Heals the Chakra system with the Green Ray Energy. Stone of Purification and revitalization on all levels.

5) Lodestone – Aligns all energy centers, bodies and meridians. Increases Vitality. Nurtures the Physical Body. Balances the Male and Female parts of self.

6) Sunstone – Transforms all that is not in harmony with the laws of light. Increases Vitality, enthusiasm, optimism and confidence a lack of which causes lowered balance, alignment and clarity.

7) Turquoise -Protective. Clarity in Communication. Strengthens all energy pathways and infuses a healing energy allowing awareness to the source of the disease, leading to a complete, permanent cure.

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Dimensions 17 × 1 × 6 cm