Autumn Leaves

Autumn leaves

Negative Condition:
• difficulties in the transition of passing over from the physical plane to the spiritual world

Positive Outcome:
• letting go and moving on
• increase awareness and communication with loved ones in the spiritual world


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Autumn Leaves allows one to hear, see and feel communication from the other side and be open to that guidance and communication. It also further emphasises the sense of letting go and moving on in a very profound way. The leaves themselves were collected from a sacred area, in autumn, at the exact moment of their release from the trees. The Essence was made only from these leaves.

The work of Dr Elisabeth Kübler-Ross and other workers with the dying, all note how common and important it is for the one passing over to be aware that help and guidance are around, especially the presence of loved ones who have already died. This Essence will ease the transition of the passing over from the physical plane to the spiritual world.