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Opens all types of angelic contact, touch, vision and voice.


Crystals :

1) Tanzanite – Stone of Angelic contact. Stimulates clarity in communication and vision at the angelic level. Increases clairvoyance and clairaudience.

2) Elestial Quartz – Said to be a gift from the Angelic. Anchors angelic characteristics into the physical, stabilizes the mind so it may open to angelic communication.

3) Boji Stone – Activates telepathy. Opens channels for contact between the kingdoms of the universe, including the angelic and human. Balances, clears and aligns all chakras and energy bodies.

4) Celestite – Takes consciousness into the celestial levels. Infuses one with the deep peace of the angelic. Is a stone of Knowing. Facilitates Angelic Communication.

5) Peach Calcite – Facilitates Angelic Communication by integrating the universal mind with the unconditional heart via the embrace of service through power, the angelic kingdoms realm of mastery.

6) Sunstone – Infuses balanced power expressed as joy, confidence and self worth. Increases ones light and vitality. Activates the soul stars communication pathway opening the Solar Angelic pathway in self for angelic contact and communication.

7) Kyanite – Attunement stone, allowing one to align with the angelic and stay there. Aligns and balances the energy bodies and chakras. Anchors high frequency energies. Is calming and enhances the throat and third eye chakras.

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