Hello Flowering Soul

Jewelli Dollman is a Vibrational Medicine Woman who grew up talking with plants, singing to spirits and playing with crystals. She is a certified practitioner and teacher of Australian Bush Flower Essences and an Advanced Practitioner of The Liquid Crystals

As founder of ‘The Flowering Soul’, Jewelli has dedicated over 15 years to sharing the healing gifts of vibrational medicine through consultations, courses and retreats. She brings a wealth of experience and a clear, passionate presence to support you in nurturing your essence.

“I’m so excited about the potent natural medicines of our Earth for balancing body, mind & spirit and creating shifts of consciousness within ourselves. It is this idea — healing our planet through the healing of ourselves — which is my  intention at The Flowering Soul.”


Your Vibrational Medicine Journey

I invite you to share full presence and be guided with compassion along the path of your vibrational medicine journey. 

We can connect in person, by phone or online for a caring consultation. Exploring together with your spirit guides to choose your unique combination of floral or crystalline vibrational medicine. I then align with the devas to create, bless and nurture your essence. And your journey begins…