Giving Back

To People. Plants. And our Planet.

We’re all here to make a difference.

10And I aspire to ‘be the change I wish to see in the world.’ Gratitude Gandhi! That’s why environmental, social and planetary change is seeded into The Flowering Soul Foundation. One tenth of our profits flow back into non-profit initiatives. And we make many new friends along the way.

When you invest in your wellbeing with The Flowering Soul, you’re not only helping yourself, but you’re also helping support people, plants and our planet. We support Kiva, One Health, Stand for Trees and Greenpeace.


You can make a life-changing loan to help people help themselves, their families and alleviate poverty throughout the world. Kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world. Watch 90 sec video.


Amplifies the impact of projects within the health and wellness space in Australia and internationally. By incubating enough community based health projects we can transform the way our world thinks about health and create a revolution for wellness on a meaningful scale.


Investing in communities who are pursuing new economic opportunities – creating a new economy where trees are more valuable standing than cut down. Fight deforestation, protect threatened wildlife, empower local communities & curb climate change. Watch excellent 5 min video.


A millions-strong movement of people taking action for a green and peaceful future. Greenpeace is an independent global campaigning organisation that acts to change attitudes and behaviours to protect and conserve our environment and promote peace. Watch 1 min video.


The Flowering Soul has made many life-changing loans to help people help themselves and alleviate poverty throughout the world. You can too.

Envision a world where all people – even in the most remote areas of the globe – hold the power to create opportunity for themselves and others. We believe providing safe, affordable microfinance loans to those in need helps people create better lives for themselves and their families.


The Flowering Soul is thankful to have positively touched the lives of these beautiful people. Here are some of our new friends that you’ve helped support.

Mirgul is 49 years old and married with seven children who all help out on the farm. Mirgul has a secondary education and for the past 19 years has been farming and raising animals in order to provide income for her family. Thanks to her diligent work, Mirgul currently has two cows and a horse on her farm. On 2.67 hectares she grows raspberries, strawberries, currants, garlic, potatoes, grains, and grasses for profit. She also sells organic milk on a daily basis. Mirgul applied for a loan to purchase a horse and increase the size of her herd.
Mirgul Kyrgyzstan
Mary is married with children. She operates a small open air stall in Nairobi. She wakes up very early to buy goods from the large wholesale market where farmers from Nairobi environs come to sell their goods. She buys her produce and divides it into small portions to sell to local people around her stall. The income from her business she uses to educate her children and take care of her household. She desires to increase her fruit and vegetables in order to sell more varieties to her customers and with a Kiva Loan she will buy more.
Mary Kenya
Fátima is an enterprising 21 year old who only studied up to Grade 5 due to her family’s economic problems. Her partner works as a bricklayer and they have a young daughter. Fátima sells bread and drinks at a bus stop. She decided to do this work as she needed to raise her child and provide sustenance for her. She works from 6 am until 4 pm. The loan is needed to expand the business, buying fruit to sell on the buses. Doing this she will have more economic income and can provide what is needed for her child.
Fatima El Salvador
 As the married parent of three children, Erlinda works hard to support her family. She earns a living by raising vegetables in the Philippines, and also earns additional income from buying and selling rice. She is requesting a loan to buy vegetable seeds and other supplies for her farm. She has successfully repaid 21 previous loans and will use this one to further build up her business. She hopes that her hard work will help her attain her dream of saving enough money to buy farm land. 
Erlinda Philippines
 Kholmo is a friendly and honest woman. For 18 years she has worked at school as a teacher. She is one of the best teachers of the district. Her husband is a teacher, too. She has four sons. They are very well-mannered and kind boys. Kholmo learned sewing with help from her friend. She wants to buy a sewing machine and start her new activity. Currently in Tajikistan, this business is very profitable. But unfortunately, her salary is not enough to purchase a sewing machine. For this reason, she applied for a loan. Kholmo likes this work and believes that in this activity, she will achieves success. She will be able to start her business and increase her income.
Kholmo Tajikistan


Stand For Trees empowers everyday people – all of us – to take direct action to protect endangered forests.

The fact is, when we stand together financially, we can shift the economics so that the trees are worth more alive than dead. And help communities protect their forests for the long-term benefit for the many versus the short-term depletion by the few.

Funding local residents to pursue sustainable livelihoods that don’t rely on the destructive practice of clearing their greatest resource helps communities get stronger. Vital habitats – many of them home to endangered species – are safeguarded. And fresh air is generated for all living beings on the planet. Not a small thing.