Australian Bush Flower Essences

Flower Essences are not therapeutic drugs – but work on the mind, body and spirit and are obtained by extracting the healing vibrational quality from the most evolved part of the plant – the flowers. They work on an emotional level, harmonising negative feelings and belief patterns, held in the subconscious mind.


Flower Essences are prepared by imprinting a flower’s unique vibrational healing signature onto a carrier solution of alcohol (as a natural preservative) and purified water. Flowers from the pristine wild are collected and ( without being touched directly by the individual), placed in a bowl of pure water and left in direct sun for several hours.

The flowers are then removed from the bowl, using a twig or a leaf from the same plant. The remaining flower water is then added to an equal amount of alcohol and this mixture is referred to as the Mother Tincture. This further diluted to produce the stock concentration which in turn is diluted to dose strength.  


The concept of healing that was shared from such great healers as Hippocrates, Paracelsus, Hahnemann, Bach and Steiner was a simple one. They all believed that good health was a result of emotional, spiritual and mental harmony and found that when they treated their patients’ emotional imbalances, their diseases were cured.

Disease (dis-ease, that is not at ease with oneself) is a physical manifestation of emotional imbalances, put quite simply where the emotions go the mind and body follow. Yet disease is not something to be feared or overly worried about, rather, it can be seen as an indication that something in a person’s life is out of balance. Consequently, a disease or illness can be seen in quite a positive light, for it can point the person back towards the right path. Each person has a specific life plan or purpose and, once in tune with this and following it, the person’s life flows much more easily and successfully. It is our intuition or ‘gut feeling’ which helps to keep us aligned to our life purpose.

The Bush Essences give us the sensitivity, strength and courage to listen to and follow both our intuition as well as our goals and dreams. The Australian Bush Flower Essences also bring forth the positive qualities that reside deep inside every one of us. Their activation allows us to replace fear with courage, hatred with love, insecurity with self confidence, etc.

Bach himself stated it quite wonderfully when he said that the function of Flower Essences are:

“To raise our vibrations and to flood our natures with the particular virtues and to wash out from us the faults which were causing them. They are able like beautiful music or any gloriously uplifting thing which gives us inspiration, to raise our very natures and bring us nearer to ourselves and by that very act to bring us peace and relieve our suffering. They cure not by attacking disease but by flooding our bodies with beautiful vibrations of our higher nature in the presence of which disease melts as snow in the sunshine”.

Richard Gerber MD, in his excellent book Vibrational Medicine, provides a more scientific and physiological description of how the Flower Essences work. “When an Essence is ingested or absorbed through the skin, it is initially assimilated into the blood stream. Then it settles midway between the circulatory and nervous systems. There, an electromagnetic current is created by the polarity of the two systems. The Essence then moves directly to the meridians, which are vital mechanisms of interface between the subtle bodies and the physical body.

From the meridians the Flower Essence is amplified out to the chakras and various subtle bodies and then back again to the physical body. The amplification also magnifies the life force potency of the Essence and aids in its assimilation. The Essence reaches the imbalanced parts of the body faster and in a more stable form.

The quartz-like crystalline silica structures in the physical body, such as those in the blood stream, the hair and nails, amplify and transmit the healing energies of the Flower Essences to their appropriate sights of action, and at the correct frequencies. This whole process is similar to the way radio waves strike a crystal in a radio so that the crystal resonates with the higher frequencies, absorbing them and transforming them into audio frequencies which can be heard by the human ear”.


Flower Essences imprint a flower’s unique vibrational healing signature onto the carrier solution and are used to treat imbalances at a higher level, bringing about wellbeing in the whole person. Homoeopathics are prepared in a somewhat similar way to Flower Essences using animal, mineral and herbal bases imprinted upon the solution at varied dilution ratios and are generally recommended for a specific ailment. Homoeopathics are not self adjusting or without side effects and can result in severe aggravations. Also Homoeopathic remedies are easily antedoted by contact with aromatic substances such as perfume, strong mint flavoured toothpaste, garlic, coffee or essential oils.

According to Gurudas, the author of the book Flower Essences, of the three major forms of vibrational remedies – Flower Essences, Homoeopathic remedies and Gem Elixers – Flower Essences are the best and most effective modality to reach and treat the subtle-energy bodies, along with the meridians and physical body. He states that Homoeopathic remedies generally operate on the biomagnetic fields of the body. Some of them can effect the chakras and subtle bodies, but not as effectively as Flower Essences. Gem elixirs act similarly to Flower Essences but not to the same degree, as they do not have the same potency of life force.

Herbal extracts and tinctures are derived after macerating parts of plants and trees i.e. root, bark, leaves in alcohol for a period of time before straining and bottling. Herbal remedies are once again generally recommended for a specific ailment and work on the physical body.

Essential Oils are extracted from the flower, bark, sap and leaves of plants and are aromatic /scented residues that work via our sense of smell. Flower Essences can be effectively used in conjunction with all of these other modalities.


For thousands of years Australian Aborigines have used flowers to heal emotional imbalances and physical injuries. Flower Essences were also used in Ancient Egypt, as well as India, Asia, Europe and South America. This system of healing was rediscovered and popularised seventy years ago by Dr. Edward Bach with his use of English flowering plants.

Naturopath, Ian White, a 5th generation Australian herbalist, has further developed this method using plants from all over Australia. Ian grew up in the bush and was taught from an early age the healing power of Australian plants. He has spent many years travelling Australia researching and developing a range of 69 specific Bush Essences.


Australia, as well as being the first continent, has both the worlds oldest and highest number of flowering plants, displaying striking colour, tremendous beauty and powerful ancient forms. It is one of the most unpolluted countries and metaphysically has a very wise, old energy. The Australian Bush Flower Essences tap into this power, strength and vitality and for this reason the remedies are unique, fast acting and are successfully used worldwide.


Flower Essences are completely natural. They are perfectly safe, free from side effects and are self adjusting to the needs of the individual taking them. Occasionally the symptoms for which the person is taking the remedy can become more intense for a day or two. This is part of the healing process and in fact is called a ‘healing crisis.’ It is not a bad sign as it is indicative of the healing that will soon follow.

In a ‘healing crisis’ we would recommend that an individual either stop the remedy for a day or two or alternatively take the remedy more frequently – four or five times a day. Alcohol is added to the Bush Essences as a preservative agent although the alcohol content in a dose is almost infinitesimal.


Absolutely. The Australian Bush Flower Essences can be taken whilst under treatment with natural and/or pharmaceutical medications with no negative effects whatsoever. There is no healing modality that is compromised by combining it with the Australian Bush Flower Essences.


Alcohol is added to the Bush Flower Essences as a natural preservative and the content in a dose is almost infinitessimal. For those wishing to avoid alcohol, your 7 drop dose may be added to a glass of freshly boiled water, and the alcohol will evaporate.


When an Essence is created, the flowers are placed in the water long enough for the life force energy of the flowers to combine with the water. They are then removed from the bowl so that no physical properties of the flowers remain in the flower water. This flower water is then further diluted down several times until the dose essence is achieved. The dose bottles have been analysed by chemical laboratories to determine how much physical matter of the flower is present. The results show that there is only an infinitesimal amount of the flower remaining – one part in a hundred thousand, which is far too small to cause any physical reaction.  


The Australian Bush Flower Essences are not antedoted by strong aromatic substances such as toothpaste, coffee, garlic or essential oils. However, it is best advised to wait a few minutes before or after taking the remedy before eating or drinking anything (except water) as well as cleaning your teeth. 


All of the species used in the formulation of our essences are ecologically gathered in unpolluted and naturally occurring regions of the vast Australian landscape. The making of some of our mother stock literally requires travelling days into some of the most inaccessible regions of the outback. All of the species grow uninterrupted in natural, unpolluted, pristine environments that are pesticide free. 


We have a high regard for all professionally prepared Flower Essences. Australian Bush Flower Essences started within a natural health clinic and became the choice of practitioners worldwide because of their diverse range and efficacious results within a clinical environment. There are a number of unique points associated with our essences, firstly, Australia being the first continent has some of the oldest species in the world and has the highest number of flowering species – a wonderfully rich biodiversity in natural healing qualities.

Secondly, Australian Bush Flower Essences address many contemporary health issues such as communication, learning difficulties, spirituality, radiation, electromagnetic radiation, space clearing and sexuality not addressed by our peers. Also the Bush Essences have a reputation world wide for being incredibly quick acting and having a profound effect on the physical body. 


There are many ways in which you can choose an essence. You could simply take a look at each of the individual essences and decide which ones are most appropriate. However, this can overwhelm some, and many feel that they need most of them!

To narrow down the number of essences that you are considering ask yourself the following questions – What do I most want in my life? Or what is the major issue that I am working through at the moment? Then you can create your own bush flower essence blend.

Ideally, book a consultation with Jewelli; through this process greater clarity is often gained and a more precise remedy realised. If you are ready for supported change, you can be guided by Jewelli, in person or by phone or skype. Other less commonly used methods to determine the choice of a remedy include Dowsing, Kinesiology, Numerology or Using your Intuition.


It is far more effective to focus on just one issue and one dosage bottle, at a time, otherwise the results can be very scattered as they have no main focus to address. You can, however, use a remedy for example Emergency Essence in a one off acute situation whilst still taking another remedy over the standard two or four week period. 


The subtle energies of the essences will address current and presenting issues only so there is no danger of taking the wrong essence. The remedies are self adjusting and without side effects. If you did not need the benefit of the remedy then nothing would happen, it simply would not work. During your flower essence consultation, Jewelli draws on over fifteen years of experience, and working together, a more precise remedy is realised and personally blended just for you.


Australian Bush Flower Essences are an effective drug free solution for adults, children and even your pets. In fact they work extremely quickly on children and animals as they do not have as many emotional blocks as adults generally do. We recommend the same dose for children as adults and animals as well, i.e. 7 drops on rising and retiring.


As we are all unique individuals it is difficult to predict. We recommend taking a remedy for two weeks when addressing an emotional issue and four weeks when addressing physical imbalances. If at the end of this time the desired result has not been achieved then we would suggest that you repeat the remedy for a similar length of time, ensuring you receive regular daily doses. Flower Essences, can at times, be very subtle and gentle as they work towards creating emotional and spiritual harmony and the changes can occur so easily and effortlessly that we are not aware of the healing shifts until sometime later. Then at other times, the changes are profound and instantaneous.

This information is courtesy of Australian Bush Flower Essences. All rights reserved.



The Liquid Crystals

The Liquid Crystals are not orthodox medical drugs or medicine. They are a holistic healing method, that works on the Spiritual, Mental and Emotional to create balance and thus health. They are a powerful tool of change on all levels of being, aiding in ones healing processes. They are brought into existence by capturing the energetic healing qualities from around a crystal and then replicating the internal geometry within the stone to continue to give it life as a liquid, which can be safely taken into the body.

The Liquid Crystals are created via Pleiadian liquid light technology, ancient Lemurian and Atlantian processes, applied Sacred Geometry and the laws of Alchemy utilizing Planetary, Solar, Luna and Universal energy. They are a form of energy medicine with out any physical substance actually remaining in the dose bottle.

Yes. They are completely natural and no different to sitting holding a crystal in your hand or having one placed on you. The only differences are good ones, which allow the effects of the stones to be more direct, profound and within you. The existence of any physical substance in the Liquid Crystals is infinitesimal, much like a homeopathic medicine removing allergic and other physical reactions.

Due to the deva’s presence the remedy is also able to adjust its avenue of work based on the needs of the person taking the remedy, this limits large reactions. Occasionally symptoms may become more prominent, obvious or intense, this is a good sign, often referred to as a ‘healing crisis’ and is an indication of the healing that is close at hand. Three drop doses of Jasper can be taken as often as needed to help support the process.

The Liquid Crystals can be taken two ways:-

– The standard dose 7 drops first thing in the morning and 7 drops last thing at night for 21 days or until the bottle is finished.

– The Acute or Short Duration Dose which is 3 drops as needed.

Both the above dosing methods can be combined, an example would be taking Amethyst to increase clairvoyance, 7 drops morning and night, then before meditation each day, taking 3 drops to get immediate results, the three drop dose is the stronger one but has a shorter duration of action.

The 7 and 3 drop doses in the Liquid Crystals serve different purposes as stated above, but the two doses do have a target.

– The three drop dose has a connection with the Three Fold Flame in the hearts of all living beings making it a spiritual Dose that is much more powerful. One drop for the activation and balancing of each flame of Love, Power and Wisdom.

– The Seven Drop dose anchors each of the seven rays of creation into the self so change can result. A drop for each Ray.

Justin Moikeha Asar K, the trusted messenger through time of The Liquid Crystals. In this life, he has been known as a Spiritual Teacher and Healer, Naturopath and Telepathic Channel whom calls upon lifetimes of experience and ancient wisdom to aid in the realization of the ultimate self and its connection and embrace of the all that is. He is a keeper of the Pleiadian Liquid Light technologies and important part of the externalization of the Spiritual Hierarchy and Brotherhood of Light on Earth.

The Liquid Crystals have taken life times to deliver, 15 years to remember, create and perfect and are an important step toward the embrace of all that we are in the eyes of the creator; Love, Power and Wisdom in peaceful oneness by freewill.

Use the product search bar at the top right to enter a Mental state, Emotional state, Spiritual objective, area or issue to be resolved, then read through the results.

Go to the single remedies page and look at the Symbols until one stands out, attracts or repels you, then read the information.

d) Make an appointment with Jewelli, a qualified Liquid Crystal Practitioner. We can have a consultation in person or via phone or skype.  The essences will be mailed to you after our session has concluded.

Carbon and silicon sit together on the periodic table meaning that there are many similarities between them. For many years carbon was said to be the only living atom on the Earth, but recently all the aspects that allows carbon to be classed as such have been found in Silica also. This means that by scientific and human means silica containing substances are alive.

Life forms have been found in the deep oceans of earth that demonstrate all the characteristics of life, even being able to reproduce, with out any carbon in them. So, Yes, Crystals are very much alive but, as yet we don’t completely understand their sacred language of geometric light.

About Eighty percent of our planets crust is silicon based compounds, making our planets surface almost pure Crystal up to 46 miles deep, so, we live on a huge crystal ball floating through space, that is over 7000 miles in diameter, a massive Silicon based life form called Urantia by those not of earth and Gaia by us.

She is alive and perhaps with the computer age upon us we are learning how to communicate with her. At this stage it seems that part of our evolution as a species is dependent on our ability to open the pathways between silicon and carbon based life forms, a mathematical language that perhaps when infused with human freewill and emotion gives rise to geometric form and is the basis of all that is.

Computers run on silicon chips that are made by melting down Zircon, a crystal whose simple purpose with humanity is the Embrace of Life changes.

Over the years, Metals, Stones and Crystals have had many properties assigned to them. These assigned properties are a result of things such as, the crystals mineral make up, the area where they are found and external appearance. When this occurs, aspects of that thought directed energy remain with the crystal.When this is combined with the powerfully repeating inner Geometric structure of crystals and their inner and outer Colours, a crystal, stone or metal provides a combination of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical properties that we can benefit from in healing and life. To utilize this for many years people have worn crystals and stones in jewellery or placed them within the home.

By far the most important part of a crystal, stone or metal is its inner geometry, as it alone allows and shows us their energy magnifying ability. Every crystal is a community of many geometric beings living in unity with a set output energetically.

Liquid Crystals are prepared by imprinting a Crystals individual Holistic Planetary vibrational healing signature into water and holding it there with the geometry that creates it.

Their creation is a three part process –

1) Firstly specimen’s were activated and acquired from all the areas of the world where that particular mineral is found, which sometimes meant thousands of pieces and took the bulk of the 15 years it has taken to re-create them.

Once the collection was completed and activated the Master Deva of the mineral utilized the frequency as a doorway, contacted me and offered their Sound(Name) and Ancient Symbol to be used as future doorway and activation for that minerals Master Crystalline Grid, which was later activated.

2) The Master Crystalline Grid for that mineral now active. The healing vibrations around the crystals were captured, via Solar and Luna Energies, the Earths breath, pulse and spin. This aspect also utilized powerful grid vortexes specific to the individual mineral and is an aspect of Pleiadian Liquid Light Technology that had not been completely practiced since Atlantis.

3) Lastly Pleiadian Liquid Light technology was utilized. The holistic minerals internal geometries and geometric energy outputs were infused and imprinted into crystalline water at a set level that carries integrity into the new Liquid structure. The result is the total crystal and all its properties in a liquid, with none of the physical stone itself actually present. The resulting crystal has never been touched by human hands. The Liquid Crystals come directly from the earth to you.

This is a big question to which I have several answers each a little deeper than the last, enjoy and please come back until you understand them.

1) Like all true healers through the ages, including the father of orthodox medicine Hippocrates, I believe that the seed of disease is not a physical thing. Disease is the physical body’s reaction to a lack of balance in one or more of the aspects of a human being. The most commonly recognized of these are, the Spiritual, Mental and Emotional levels. Disease should not be something we dread, dwell upon or spend our lives worrying about, for it is an important stepping stone back to balance and often our true purpose.

You come to this planet in a physical body to learn and master the experience of physicality, beyond that there is an individual life purpose. When you are in alignment with that purpose there are fewer bumps in the road of life. Living this way is a spiritual and intuitive process, requiring truth, honesty, self love and a degree of spiritual attunement. It is here that the Liquid Crystal can help as they support and offer insights into all the levels of self, holding you close to your purpose here on earth.

2) The Mineral Kingdom is made up of Elements these are set aspects of earth that are identical no matter where they are found in the Universe. Elements form Minerals which form the basis of Nutrition and an aspect of what we need to be healthy. These Minerals are the same substances we know as Metals, Crystals and Stones. In reality we should receive a balance of these by interaction with our natural world, as well as in food and water as part of our natural health regime. But it is not just the physical substance that is of importance to our health, it is the energies and geometry’s that minerals contain and broadcast that allow the true free and healthy state, which starts at the spiritual.

The Liquid Crystals provide these energies, at their most potent level, as energetic geometric sequences, that initiate the healing pathways on all levels without the crudity of physical substance, which is often toxic or detrimental.

3) The Human being, like all in creation, including crystals, is made up of many sensitive Energetic Geometric Structures and sequences. These are Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical energies broadcast into geometric forms, depending on their origin. In Disease the integrity of these structures is compromised so the bodies simply integrate the Crystal’s or Stone’s structure to facilitate repair. The powerful healing abilities of the mineral kingdom are hidden in their perfectly structured, sequences of geometry which they demonstrate even in the physical. These geometric sequences are not available to us this refined from any other source on earth or in the universe.

The Liquid Crystals make these Geometries available all the way to the pure untainted etheric template level. This exchange affects all levels of the human being, from the physical, infinitely outward, leading to change through the bodies and an outward expression of Healing.

4) We are powerful beings, every thought we think and emotion we feel, directs energy into creation and manifests things into the physical. Although that sounds great, because it means we can have all that we want, it also means if thoughts and emotions are un-mastered we will get all that we don’t want, which is where disease comes from. No matter what we allow the word disease to mean, at some stage it will become physical, at which stage we have converted unconditional love through the mental, emotional and physical filters of human perception into creation, the avenue and end result of this is a Sacred Geometric sequence broadcast into physical reality as form. This disease is now in need of de-creation or healing.

Duality is a ruling component of the human race that stems from a bad choice long ago. It is the understanding that if there is black, there must be white to balance it in the universe, this allows all to be transient and a path back to the original perfection that existed before the creation, a oneness or even the God principle. Due to the fact we live in a world still based in duality, the laws apply to disease, this means that as a disease is manifested, the cure is simultaneously available if we can find and embrace it.

The 77 most common disease processes or sequences of sacred geometry manifest by man to distance them selves from God are polarized by the 77 simple purposes of the liquid crystals on multiple simultaneous dimensional levels leading to true and complete cure, not by a new creation, but by the embrace of the Source of all creation.

Not since Atlantis have the Master Devas been directly interacted with, so it stands to reason that we will be a little rusty at locating their frequencies and remaining within them. To aid us in achieving correct attunement, the Master Devas have given their sound, which we would call a name and their ancient Atlantian or Lemurian doorway Symbol. These will simply aid us in communication and other contact via meditation.

The Names and Symbols are available on the card reader on the home page and the single remedy product pages. The symbols of the Devas are used on Cards as a powerful divination tool, just looking at them is often enough, but they can be worked with by a Liquid Crystal Practitioner to diagnose and find the perfect remedy in every case.

A Deva could be called an angel of the Earth; they are responsible for the creation of all form and are often referred to as ‘The Holders of Form’.

The Kingdom of inner Earth is set up much the same as the human kingdom, a hierarchy of beings based on service and spiritual attainment. The members of the Devic kingdom are the keepers of The Flame of wisdom for our planet, the human kingdom the keepers of the flame of Love and the Angelic kingdom the keepers of the flame of Power.

In the Devic kingdom, the least evolved forms are the Elementals, they correspond to the elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The elementals are better known as, Gnomes, Fairies, Sylphs and Nymphs.

Based on their level of wisdom they increase in what we call size. So the Queen of the Fairies for example is about 4ft -5ft tall, whilst a basic elemental is only ½ ft tall. The highest most wise of the Devic Kingdom are the Elohim. These are governing Devas that rule an entire category, for example there is an Elohim of the Entire Mineral Kingdom, one for each element and one for each of the Seven main rays of Creation. These beings are large in the human idea of space, standing hundreds of feet tall. Between the elementals and the Elohim we find the Devas, these are separated into three main categories, Sub-Devas, General Devas and Master Devas also called Divine creators.

An example of the way this works would be with a vast mineral like Clear Quartz, there is a Sub-Deva for quartz representing Victoria Australia, a General Quartz Deva representing Australian Quartz and a Master Quartz Deva representing all Quartz on this Planet. To communicate with Sub-Divas is as simple as sitting, meditating or tuning into a single physical stone. To experience a General Deva one would have to have access to a Crystal from each area of Australia, this would allow all the Sub-Devic to be present as a unified whole giving rise to the general Diva. To experience a Master Deva one must have a crystal from each area of the planet where it is found all in the one location. This opens and activates the Unified Crystal Grid around the planet, bringing all the Sub devas and General Devas into oneness.

In ancient Lemuria to contact the Master Devas was easy, as we were an etheric energy based existence that was plugged into the master grids, but at the fall into physicality we lost that ability. Not since Atlantis has someone reunited the 77 key minerals of earth. The Liquid Crystals have achieved this and in doing so have reopened the true voice of the mineral kingdom, The Master Devic. The Liquid Crystals are connections to these Divine beings and the only source of their energies united into oneness on Earth.

The problem in the past was a Crystal or Stones most beneficial properties were within it and not within its energy field, thus these properties could not be absorbed into essences or liquid form and could only be obtained through carrying or having the physical stone directly touching the skin of the body. The only way the Crystal or Stones Physical geometric properties could be placed in an essence or liquid, was if its physical geometric structure could be broadcast into a Living energy field or substance. That is exactly what I have done with the Liquid Crystals.

Through a set of Alchemical and Pleaidian Liquid Light processes the energetic structure as well as the exact nature given energies and geometry’s have been placed within a liquid to be absorbed by the physical body . If in the past you had a stone around you for its beneficial effects, now not only can you have it close, but you can hold it within you. This of course accelerates the Healing process and beneficial effects of the Stones and Crystals on all levels of being.

There was no complete representation in oneness for each crystal here on Earth. At the fall of Atlantis the complete silicon based beings that are the crystals, were placed into separation, through the creation of Sub-Devic beings. These were spread across the globe to protect humanity, until ready, from the issues that were created in Atlantis.

Through the Liquid Crystals they are being reunited as holistic energies and the Sub-Devic are melding back to their former glory as Master Devas. This process is mirrored in the human kingdom, as we move from Humans to Ascended Masters, which was the long awaited trigger for the rebirth of these divine beings of light, Atlantis and ultimately Lemuria.

The Liquid Crystals are the first truly holistic geometric remedies seen on our planet since the fall of Atlantis. Due to the fact that our world and its very existence is a result of geometry, does it not stand to reason that to be healthy we should start there?

The Liquid Crystals are the most potent form of crystalline energy on Earth. They are the only physical representation of the collective Master Crystal Devas, their purpose with humanity, refined holistic energies and symbolism.

Often when a new modality appears it is celebrated and seen to be a step forward. The truth, is most new healing principles are a result of the lifting of veils, allowing humanity to remember the ancient arts that once flooded our world in times stricken from the physical pages of history on our Planet. The Liquid Crystals are such a modality once forming a large part of ancient Lemurian and Atlantian Culture.

The Liquid Crystals are an ancient Atlantian and Lemurian form of healing that was officially given back to humanity in late 2005. Since then we have seen amazing healing take place on all levels of being for humans and animals. When last a recognized healing system, the Liquid crystals were a large part of society, used by all for balance, health and spiritual attainment. The Liquid Crystals are a holistic healing modality of the earth her self, they are here to open the ancient pathways of wisdom via the Devic.

Ideally a remedy should be taken for 21 Days and then 7 days rest taken before starting another. If the desired results of a remedy are achieved fast, or guidance indicates, we may of course change the remedy earlier. If results are not seen in the first instant, the Liquid Crystal will create change so be patient, the deepest most profound results of taking a remedy are often not seen until day 28 after you have been integrating and off the remedy for seven days.

In some cases results are not achieved to the complete level possible due to incomplete dosing or coming off the remedy early so care must be taken.

Yes, it is completely safe. The Liquid Crystals are a refined energetic remedy that targets holistic healing via the embrace of the Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. There are no negative effects. The action of all other medication will not be interfered with in any way.

Each of the Liquid Crystals seek out the aspects of you that conflict with the embrace of the simple purpose of that stone and go about removing them. The infinite nature of humanity is such that there is always room for improvement and the remedy is self sufficient at locating valid work to complete on some level. If a Liquid Crystal is taken that is believed to be of no benefit at all, the Deva locates the avenues of mastery aligned with its simple purpose and manifests further refinement.

“Remember that completion and spirituality are a Journey, not a target or focus, for if they were, our abilities would be limited by our perception of self and nothing new would ever happen.”

We are all different; some people are more sensitive than others. The Liquid Crystals are created to be taken over a 21 day period, but for some the desired transitions, healing and changes take place much quicker. If after taking a remedy for 21 days no change is seen, I often recommend taking it again.The reason for this is that the depth of healing is often proportionate to the time on the remedy and the more subtle aspects of healing may have occurred outside of ones awareness, just preparing for complete cure.

“A problem is only a problem whilst within ones awareness.”

With the Liquid Crystals more than one remedy can be taken at a time. A part of the practitioner training is making combination remedies that can contain up to three remedies that complement and work with each other. When taking more than one remedy you should always know why you are taking each and understand that there is a hierarchy in the mineral kingdom that can mean that some remedies will need to wait their turn taking effect later in the 21 day Dosing period.

•    Direct internal contact with the crystals healing energies and Geometric structures allows rapid healing and realizations.
•    The biggest advantage for many people concerning the liquid crystals will be cost; it is my intention, that everyone will have the ability to experience the energies of the mineral kingdom, including the more expensive minerals such as Diamond.
•    The physical crystals within the earth are resources and will run out one day, the Liquid Crystals, won’t and we don’t even need to destroy the Earth to get them.
•    Via the Liquid Crystals, one can open to the highest aspects of the mineral kingdom, The Master Devas, a door rendered hidden at the fall of ancient Atlantis when the individual minerals were last separated across Earth.
•    Although in liquid form a Liquid Crystal retains all its programmability allowing us to get it to work, how and where we need it, even within the body.
•    The Master Deva of the crystal becomes an over-lighting force for the patient for the course of treatment, an extra form of guidance.
•    By reuniting crystals from every part of the world into oneness, The Liquid Crystals are the only holistic representations of the mineral kingdom and most potent form of crystalline energy on earth.
•    Due to the holistic nature of the liquid crystals we have a consistent frequency not dependant on one or several Crystals, but hundreds and some times thousands of individuals united in Oneness.
•    The Liquid Crystals utilize the healing and energy conducting ability of Water which magnifies the effects of the remedy.
•    Being a Geometric remedy, The Liquid Crystals will infuse into almost anything without compromising structure. They can even be put in cakes and other cooking.

Some of the best results we have seen from the Liquid Crystals have been in children, especially in the advanced little Starseeds or Indigo Children that are coming onto our planet. The Dosage is the same with adults and children, 7 Drops morning and night and/or 3 drops for acute conditions as needed.

With very young children the Liquid Crystals will have the same effect if allowed to contact the skin or may be simply passed through the energy field as close to the body as possible via Mum or Dads hands.

Yes, for those that are sensitive to Alcohol, the Liquid Crystals can be made to dose level without alcohol, but will need to be kept cool as the alcohol is a preserving agent that increases shelf life. A liquid crystal will have the same effect if allowed to contact the skin and may also be taken in hot drinks which will evaporate the alcohol.

The Liquid Crystals are an energetic remedy that due to their geometric nature are not effected by any heat, cold or other substances that they come into contact with. In fact the liquid Crystals can be infused into almost any substance on earth that can then be used as a dosing agent.

The Liquid Crystals are different to any Crystal remedies, Essences or Elixirs on earth at this time, for many reasons, here are some of them.

This information is courtesy of The Liquid Crystals. All rights reserved.